V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Girls Da da da da da

Their debut song got stuck in my head for two days now, so they deserve a post 😀

The lovely ladies of Hello Venus, the highly anticipated Pledis girl group project, debuted in style!

Not only the members are gorgeous, but their tittle song is great. A FUN CUTE FLIRTY TRACK!

Not bubble gum cute, fill with aegyo, but playful cute… the lyrics and the rhythm are there to give you an upbeat fun moment.  It is not pretentious, Venus is meant to be a good shallow time. And I like it… already looking forward to see more of them!

They also seem to be having fun in the MV, It is so colorful and consistent with the lyrics…just watch it!

So sad Yoonjo is injured, she is not performing in the debut stages, why would Pledis do that? I mean, It couldn’t be posponed until the 6 of them were able to perform?  Anyway… wanna watch the debut stages? scroll down down down

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