Khuntoria eps – 41 to 50 (links to videos)

Kiss at baseball stadium, Miss A and Sully visit Khuntoria house, romantic getaway, back hugs, spaghetti kiss, etc…..

What is wrong with this two? Are they trying to make every “single” person feel miserable? hahahaha

Lots of jealousy, guests and missions! BETTER THAN ANY DRAMA

If there is not a KISS after that….Im gonna go like wavwdwebfserkjgfbejrw

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Khuntoria eps – 1 to 10 (links to videos)

Something wonderful happenned to me this 2011, but before I tell that story  I must say that 2010 was a kpop free year for me, dont know why…BUT IM BACK NOW!!! (How could I live like that????!!!!)

I was wondering around in youtube and I saw this comment…one I ll never forget…It was an old video about YoonA and Nichkhun staring a each other (WTF) for Idol Army…. and the comment that change my life just said  “I like him better with Victoria”. So I was curious and google “Nichkhun and Victoria” and it all began………. Continue reading