MBLAQ releases It’s War MV

My lovely guys are back!!!!

‘100%Ver.’ 4th mini-album….f*ck yeah!!!

The song is intense, true to their style.

The MV is a love triangle between Thunder, Lee Joon and some girl I am trying not to hate haha ❤

The bullet curving scene was insane 😀

Somehow their outfits reminds me of  the earlier TVXQ days. Maybe thats just me being biased.

Comeback stages here…

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Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls

Resistance for freedom of expression through music via Sixth Sense

The girls from BEG set the comeback bar just above the stars with Sixth Sense. In this post the MV and comeback stages!

If you dont believe pls watch this breathtaking MV and make your own opinion

Im SO loving the V from Vendetta theme! they look fierce and OMG Narsha!!!! cant look any sexier!!!

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f(x) Goodbye Stage + Special Stage with SHINee


SPECIAL STAGE – Performing HELLO with SHINee

It was so lovely!!!!  BTW only  Key, Minho and Taemin….nevertheless…..is was awesome!

GOODBYE STAGE – Performing Pinocchio (Danger) + Hot Summer

I am so sad right now….gotta wait until next year to see them promoting again…..You did so well girls!…Ill miss you 😀