Nine Muses is back with TICKET!

The model idols are back, right after promoting News.. And they are better than ever!!!

They are known for being one of the most hardworking girl groups, and know I can finally see their efforts giving good results. I think they needed Figaro and News, to bond and enlarge their fandom…. and now its time to take their hearts!… AND THATS WHAT TICKET DOES!

Ticket  just gets to me, in a good way.  It steals and demands your attention from beginning to end.  It has a retro feeling to it, and is so catchy, not only the chorus but the whole song.

Needless to say, they all look beautiful…THEY ARE MODELS for Gods sake! But Minha,Eunji and Sera are breathtaking!

Check out their last MV and see what I am talking about:

Comeback stages here as well…scroll down!

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