I dig this comeback so much!!!

The lovely ladies from Orange Caramel are back with their first full album LIPSTICK.  And I must say that I LOVE IT.

If the whole gimmick of the group is having a cute and bubbly image I am OK with this kind of release. If the group wants to be sexy and fun and then they release an overly cute song I just hate it!

Orange Caramel owns the cute concept LIKE A BOSS. And they are so bizarre and weird that it actually works perfectly, It is never too sweet for them!

They no longer feel like a sub-unit, living off the fame of After School (not that they were doing that a lot). They finally graduate from their mothership and become a full round girl group. The whole album breathes their  musical essence, Milkshake and Bubble Bath are great. But the tittle song captured my attention. Lipstick is awesome for them, its like euro dance meets Kpop, something Pledis has been doing a lot lately, but for Orange Caramel it involves lots of aegyo. ❤

And the lyrics are just too freaking cute and sexy! Talking about leaving lipstick stains in the “breathtaking collarbone” of a lucky gentleman.

The MV is fun to watch, with an strange concept to say the least. Well, leave it to the asians to make an MV about table tennis right?  The girls look so pretty and flirty… I absolutely love it!


For comeback stages scroll down down down…

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Women hide your husbands!!!

I was worry about After School, you know, without Kahi, but I must gladly say that I was wrong. This ladies are here to claim the SEXY crown back!

Flashback is a great tittle song for them, because it allows them to perform doing what they do best, show off their feminine charisma. I like Rip Off as well, and I am glad they decided to perform it, a nice synthetic sound, perfect to showcase a good dance routine. I was surprised to see that Nana had a solo song, not even the main vocalists got a solo, they have a duet!

About the MV, well, It is you can expect from AS, there are a lot of legs and wavy hairs going on, and I love it. They are not indirectly seductive but IN YOUR FACE sexy! The MV has it all to make a man’s heart beat faster, lots of skin, cool stocking, suggestive stares, sexy dance steps, etc.

Check it out:

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