20. Red Velvet

Fav song: Natural / Bias: Wendy

I am very SM biased. Can you tell?

19. Orange Caramel

Fav song: Lipstick / Bias: Nana

18. Spica

Fav song: You Don’t Love Me / Bias: bOA

They gotta be one of the most talented girl groups out there. They deserve more!!!

17. Girls’ Day

Fav song: Expectation  / Bias: Yura

It have been an awesome ride for this girls. They got to me!

16. Girls’ Generation-TTS

Fav song: Adrenaline / Bias: Taeyeon

I just love everything they do.

15. Apink

Fav song: My My / Bias: Eunji

They stole my heart with My My, such a sweet retro concept ❤

14. 5Dolls

Fav song: Like this or like that / Bias: Sumi (I know she is gone, but she was my fav)

I love Co-Ed and so I love this girls.

13. After School

Fav song: Because of you / Bias: Nana (before that…Kahi)

How can a girl group be complete without them? Love this fierce ladies.

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My fav 2011´s ROOKIES

Once again I failed trying to make a top10… so here it is my top18 😀

Its based on the songs that made it to my Ipod at least for a whole week (I change my playlists a lot).  With pics so you can recognise their faces haha.

18. X-5

I cant find something special in this song, but I like it…thats enough for me!

17. HITT

Pretty amazing debut song here!!!!…for some reason they dont feel like rookies to me haha.

16. AA

Just because there is a guy named Kimchi in the group! hahaha..well not. The song is actually good!

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Merry Christmas Kpop LOVERS!!!!

My ranking of K-POP CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! 20. Shooting Star – Star Empire Cuteness all over the place 19. Snowy Wish – SNSD Not sure if it is a christmas song but it reminds me of it. So here it is. 18. … Continue reading

Rania – Dr. Feel Good

My favorite rookie of this year (boy or girl)….so far.

The members are: Riko (leader), Semi, T-ae, Jooyi, Di, Joy, and Xia. Joy is from Thailand, and Riko is a Korean-Japanese. There is an 8th member Lee Jo but since I havent see her perform yet. Ill leave it here. If you have a twitter account follow them, ´cause the girls are very active in the social network.


Poweful choreography and great vocals. Plus the girls are pretty and fit.

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Compilation of Kpop twitter accounts #1

Today ALLKPOP —-> best kpop source on the planet<—- post a very large article with the twitter accounts of our Idols! ❤

If you want to check out my latest list click here!


I leave you the link to the post here:

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Bi Rain…walking sex crime!

So today wondering around youtube I dedided to finally watch Rain´s video “love song”. Dind´t do it before ´cause Im a huge fan of his abs…but not so much his music…I like it but Im into the boy band thing, not the solo performance.

I watched the video….more an more exciting…and then minute 3:12 came…

There was silent for a moment….follow by a loud scream “aaaaahhhhhhh”………WHY WHY WHY I HAVEN´T SEEN THIS BEFORE??????????  Its the sexiest music video I´ve ever seen….LO JURO!!!

Just couldn´t stay still after minute 3:12 ….I had to scream, cross my legs, pull my hair, even cry!!!!!!

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