I know I am terribly late with this, but  I´ve been working my ass off this past two weeks.

JYP´s new act is finally here… a really hyped duo called JJ PROJECT.

I have mixed feelings about this debut, I do not hate them, I do not love them. I just feel they are good rookies in a year filled with them.

They are really cute thought, and is fun to watch them perform. I like JB voice a lot, not the usual high peak note but a soft one, and Jr. has this fun swag ….I can`t help but to find him adorable.

The fact that they are a duo and not a full member boy band makes them different. At first when I heard that they will be a two members act I thought they were going to be ballad-singers, but oh how wrong was I… Now they just need to show why only 2 guys can compete with 6 or 7.

The tittle track of their album is really catchy, kind of makes you BOUNCE literally! A fresh hip hop / kind of rock wanna be song… if that is possible.  All and all is great to show their unique charms, a good song to stand out from other boy bands #NOTBAD. I’m not convinced yet… but I am getting there, lets see what JYP has store for them.

Check out  the MV

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Well the girls from Miss A are back ….

I know I am a little late with this, but I have been so busy lately!!!

I was not that impressed by the song…I am sorry Say A out there…I just did not click.

But the MV and the choreography did the trick for me.  They look completely feminine and delicate, Miss A is really growing and finding their true colors. I love them because they dont follow the trend, they do their thing and as a result we get a refreshing sound and fierce dance steps.  GREAT JOB JYP!!!!

Check out their last MV and see what I am talking about:

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Merry Christmas Kpop LOVERS!!!!

My ranking of K-POP CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! 20. Shooting Star – Star Empire Cuteness all over the place 19. Snowy Wish – SNSD Not sure if it is a christmas song but it reminds me of it. So here it is. 18. … Continue reading


The Queens are back!!!

Wonder World is out!! And I must say….it pretty GOOD!

Buy it in itunes here

And check their new MV…

Comeback stages here as well…scroll down!
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MISS A – Good-Bye Baby

So who didnt feel like murdering that annoying ex boyfriend???

Well the girls from Miss A are back …. and they are all about LETTING GO those bad men that did nothing but hurt!!!

Check out their last MV

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2PM releases “HANDS UP” MV


Its so nice to see them like this! Sad songs are so yesterday with my boys…NOW IT IS ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN!!!

Is a club tune definitely….scroll down to watch comeback stages

Here you have the MV…of the tittle track..HANDS UP!

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