Girls’ Generation‘s first sub unit ever released TWINKLE mini album.

Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are back as TAETISEO and looking better than ever!

This was so unexpected, when SME announced the sub-unid I thought it was a ballad thing for sure, and then the teasers pics came and admit it…we all were like WTF?

I know I am a little biased for anything SMTOWN, but I am trying hard to be imparcial here, and I must say I LOVE IT! The mini album is great and it shows each member talents so well.

About the tittle song TWINKLE, it sounds like a KPOP version of Lady Marmalade, with a PG content of course.  I completely like it! Their powerful voices sound amazing and so in sync with the lyrics and the whole vibe of the song.

The MV is so  colorful and pretty, the girls look stunning with every outfit . They smile a lot and flirt with the camera,  the MV  feels their own, like nothing SNSD has delivered before. There is an interesting twist in Twinkle, they are grown ups… so they are not cute girls, but beautiful women, and they target a larger audience, boys and girls equally.

Are those EXO members running around? I am liking this cameo!  … the ad for the perfume NOT SO MUCH!

All and all this is the kind of funky sound and fun MV I like to see more. It goes with me!

Watch the MV and see what I am talking about:

Comeback stages here …scroll down down down 😀

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Babies are you ready?

UHH I LIKE THIS… they keep using their previous strong concept, and it works!

About the tittle track, it feel like the second part of their debut song hahaha… but I am OK with that! I believe It is good for them to seize this position for now. They can surprise us later!

In the MV we get to see more of the B.A.P. we came to love with Warrior:

Bang Yong Guk deep voice CHECK!

Himchan crazy eyes CHECK!

Zelo’ speedy rap CHECK!

Dae Hyun velvet voice CHECK!

Young Jae nice vocals CHECK !

Jong Up cool presence CHECK !

Check it out MV:

Comeback stages …scroll down down down! 😀

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The storm of boy band comebacks continues and I REGRET NOTHING

DORADORA is a great tittle song for U-KISS, It sounds so much like them, IT WAS SMADE FOR THEM, it fits them and they deliver it perfectly!

A cool sound, electronic but still so sexy or it is just me being a fan girl?

About the MV, nothing groundbreaking but It does the job. The boys show off their masculine charms in their cool outfits. And my fav part…the dance!!!  Those body waves are a little too much for my fragile heart hahaha!

With all that said…I still don’t know if they can achieve any awards with DORADORA … life is always so hard for U-KISS. This boys show that they have grown with each comeback, but sometimes is not enough.  I hope they do win something though, because I can’t get this song out of my head.

Watch the MV

For comeback stages scrool down down down 😀

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This is my first post about a rookie group, and since I am a SMTOWNER….  EXO it is!

Long story short, S.M. Entertainment create a 12 member boy band, divided it into two groups, one to promote in Korea EXO-K and the other to promote in China EXO-M (almost all the members of this unit are Chinese).

After 128,754,654 teasers SME released their new boy band EXO.

The teasers must have worked, because I already know the name of each member… and I take my time learning names!

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The sexy Sistar is back to give 4minute a fight….

I am liking the song a lot…  I am a little into sexy and feminine sounds and thats what they deliver this time.

I did not like “So Cool” that much… but the girls demand my attention back with “Alone”.

Brave Brothers sure have a soft spot for Sistar, the song sounds like nothing they’ve ever done before, and fits the girls like a glove.

This is the song that will launch them as one of the most promising girl groups.

It’s a great effort. I hope they get a lot of recognition, they are so talented, they deserved it!

Watch the smoking hot MV

Comeback stages … scroll down down down 😀

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The whole mini album is great… I can see 4minute true colors in each song, and the tittle track doesn’t disappoint. Is sexy , catchy and shows off their amazing lead vocalists! The  saxophone part made me feel I was watching and old Miami Vice episode hahaha, but its different and addictive and I love it!!!!

I am enjoying this comeback already… This is it…the moment 4MINUTE rises above other girls groups… setting the bar really high!

The video is full of dark colors and a grown up feeling; together with the clothes and scenarios they  give a mix of vampire/classic/gothic, very different to any concept they have shown before.

Watch the devilish theme MV too see what I am talking about!

I´ll be posting the other songs… cause they all deserve to be post haha.

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The charming princes of KPOP are back… and I JUST CANT! arfaerrfasfrefd

OMG… Shinhwa, Big Bang, CN Blue, B1A4 and SHINee promoting at the same time?


About Sherlock….It is pure SHINee Juliet/Love like Oxigen gimmick

Their great formula of good vocals+ sharp choreography…. AND I LOVE IT!

But I just dont care…the song is great, and the choreo is INSANE… I waited for so long…and it was worth it!!


Check out the MV:

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ALIVE – BIG BANG… is back!!!

They had a rough 2011, but they stayed together and now they are back and STRONGER THAN EVER!

If someone knows how to make a comeback…that is BIG BANG.

Their music only nows how to get better, and so their MVs and visuals. CHeck out he MVs and comeback stages here 😀

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Well the girls from Miss A are back ….

I know I am a little late with this, but I have been so busy lately!!!

I was not that impressed by the song…I am sorry Say A out there…I just did not click.

But the MV and the choreography did the trick for me.  They look completely feminine and delicate, Miss A is really growing and finding their true colors. I love them because they dont follow the trend, they do their thing and as a result we get a refreshing sound and fierce dance steps.  GREAT JOB JYP!!!!

Check out their last MV and see what I am talking about:

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MBLAQ releases It’s War MV

My lovely guys are back!!!!

‘100%Ver.’ 4th mini-album….f*ck yeah!!!

The song is intense, true to their style.

The MV is a love triangle between Thunder, Lee Joon and some girl I am trying not to hate haha ❤

The bullet curving scene was insane 😀

Somehow their outfits reminds me of  the earlier TVXQ days. Maybe thats just me being biased.

Comeback stages here…

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