The kings are back..and they are ready to mingle? haha!

My beloved Super Junior is back with the 6th album “Sexy, Free & Single”, as an ELF I couldn’t be happier. But as a K-pop lover, I am a little disappointed.

The album is all we can expect from them, the tittle song screams SUPER JUNIOR from beginning to end, somehow, the other tracks pale next to it. As usual we have a couple of well rounded songs and then tracks to fill  the space. I blame SME for not innovating when it comes to SUJU, they dont step aside the confort zone created with “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”. When they repeated the trick with “Mr. Simple”  I thought maybe next time, and didn’t care, because the song was amazing! Now I do not feel forgiving about this tittle song, I am a full time ELF and yes! I am purchasing the album, but I created this blog to give my opinion so here it is: Other groups are growing, their music just gets better and my boys are being neglected in that aspect.

I must add  that I adore “From U”, is my fav song from the album, because it was made for us ELFs!!!! and because it is beautiful. I have missed soft Super Junior so bad! ❤

The MV is nothing new, SUJU dancing around an abstract scenery. They look gorgeous!!!! and is always good to see them!!! But all of that expectation, counting down the minutes to its release, I WANTED MORE!!!!!!

“Sexy, Free & Single” took it time to get into my head, watching them dance the MV didn’t do it.  And then the debut stages came,  it was like I re discovered the song. All the charisma SUJU exudes made me felt in love with it. Now I can say I love SF&S, and thats why this post comes so late, I was waiting so I could write something nice, I didn’t wanted to rant against SME and say nothing positive.

I am feeling sexy, free & single myself! ….. BINGO!!!!!

Check it out:

Comeback stages? Scroll down!

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