I’m in love all over again.

 Baby I’m in love with you~

Lately, Sistar can no do wrong right?

I love the song! A perfect summer hit, with all that summer loving going around.

It’s so cute and lively!

The MV is great, a lot of body exposure, it would not be Sistar without that! They seem to be having a blast in Hawai. Is like they are normal girls, fooling around and having fun.

And the choreo is simple and goes with the whole feeling of the MV.

Check it out:

For comeback stages scroll down!

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The sexy Sistar is back to give 4minute a fight….

I am liking the song a lot…  I am a little into sexy and feminine sounds and thats what they deliver this time.

I did not like “So Cool” that much… but the girls demand my attention back with “Alone”.

Brave Brothers sure have a soft spot for Sistar, the song sounds like nothing they’ve ever done before, and fits the girls like a glove.

This is the song that will launch them as one of the most promising girl groups.

It’s a great effort. I hope they get a lot of recognition, they are so talented, they deserved it!

Watch the smoking hot MV

Comeback stages … scroll down down down 😀

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