The Secret girls are back with their first full length album MOVING IN SECRET.

And, it mus be say…..they finally left the aegyo smiles to BRING SEXY BACK with a Betty Boop style!


Watch the comeback stages here as well. Scroll down…
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Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls

Resistance for freedom of expression through music via Sixth Sense

The girls from BEG set the comeback bar just above the stars with Sixth Sense. In this post the MV and comeback stages!

If you dont believe pls watch this breathtaking MV and make your own opinion

Im SO loving the V from Vendetta theme! they look fierce and OMG Narsha!!!! cant look any sexier!!!

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Super Junior releases MV for Mr. Simple


OMG OMG OMG…. my boys are back!!!! 2ewgbehwjfhq34frjhgwreigdfjkslv

I cant have enough of this video, is EVERYTHING!

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MISS A – Good-Bye Baby

So who didnt feel like murdering that annoying ex boyfriend???

Well the girls from Miss A are back …. and they are all about LETTING GO those bad men that did nothing but hurt!!!

Check out their last MV

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LAST WEEK my fav girl group f(x) release the MV of “HOT SUMMER”……the tittle song of their repackage album.

So of course I have to make a post about that!!!! Here its the MV and scroll down to watch the comeback stages…

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