Out of nowhere comes T-ara with this remake and I can not do anything but love it. So catchy and in sync with T-ara vocals.


You cant go wrong if there is whistling in your song! hahaha This gotta be one of the best songs from GD´s album, why It did not have a MV? I dont understand! A true hot chocolate cup  for the soul … Maybe I’m missing you lalala ❤


This song makes me believe I am in a club downtown Berlín hahaha. It sounds so much like an european dance track is ridiculous. A nice debut song for the boy band once known as pledis boys.

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I dig this comeback so much!!!

The lovely ladies from Orange Caramel are back with their first full album LIPSTICK.  And I must say that I LOVE IT.

If the whole gimmick of the group is having a cute and bubbly image I am OK with this kind of release. If the group wants to be sexy and fun and then they release an overly cute song I just hate it!

Orange Caramel owns the cute concept LIKE A BOSS. And they are so bizarre and weird that it actually works perfectly, It is never too sweet for them!

They no longer feel like a sub-unit, living off the fame of After School (not that they were doing that a lot). They finally graduate from their mothership and become a full round girl group. The whole album breathes their  musical essence, Milkshake and Bubble Bath are great. But the tittle song captured my attention. Lipstick is awesome for them, its like euro dance meets Kpop, something Pledis has been doing a lot lately, but for Orange Caramel it involves lots of aegyo. ❤

And the lyrics are just too freaking cute and sexy! Talking about leaving lipstick stains in the “breathtaking collarbone” of a lucky gentleman.

The MV is fun to watch, with an strange concept to say the least. Well, leave it to the asians to make an MV about table tennis right?  The girls look so pretty and flirty… I absolutely love it!


For comeback stages scroll down down down…

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[UPDATED] Compilation of Kpop twitter accounts #2

Hello…..I made/copy a list of official twitter accounts…for you guys!!!!

… have fun:

Jo Kwon

Park Bom

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Women hide your husbands!!!

I was worry about After School, you know, without Kahi, but I must gladly say that I was wrong. This ladies are here to claim the SEXY crown back!

Flashback is a great tittle song for them, because it allows them to perform doing what they do best, show off their feminine charisma. I like Rip Off as well, and I am glad they decided to perform it, a nice synthetic sound, perfect to showcase a good dance routine. I was surprised to see that Nana had a solo song, not even the main vocalists got a solo, they have a duet!

About the MV, well, It is you can expect from AS, there are a lot of legs and wavy hairs going on, and I love it. They are not indirectly seductive but IN YOUR FACE sexy! The MV has it all to make a man’s heart beat faster, lots of skin, cool stocking, suggestive stares, sexy dance steps, etc.

Check it out:

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I have a weakness for debut songs.

I believe so much in first impressions that it is impossible not to judge a group by the song that brings it into the spotlight.

Is true that having a regular/bad debut does not mean you can’t do better later, but It helps a lot if you were succesful from day one… right? You create a large fan base that will help you for future comebacks. You get more media coverage, you are better known and you already have a hit song in your portfolio.

So here are my 30 favorite debut songs. Not all fo them were great achievements for their performers, but I loved them… that is enough to make it on this list… enjoy:

30. Apink – I Don’t Know

So sweet that it can give you cavities. But no one can deny it was a good debut, the best rookies of 2011.

28. Nine Muses – No Playboy

I dont want no playboy…NO! So you have model like girls and a catchy song. Isn’t that what Kpop is all about? haha well no, but they did the trick. This song is very good and I believe it deserved better.

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20. Red Velvet

Fav song: Natural / Bias: Wendy

I am very SM biased. Can you tell?

19. Orange Caramel

Fav song: Lipstick / Bias: Nana

18. Spica

Fav song: You Don’t Love Me / Bias: bOA

They gotta be one of the most talented girl groups out there. They deserve more!!!

17. Girls’ Day

Fav song: Expectation  / Bias: Yura

It have been an awesome ride for this girls. They got to me!

16. Girls’ Generation-TTS

Fav song: Adrenaline / Bias: Taeyeon

I just love everything they do.

15. Apink

Fav song: My My / Bias: Eunji

They stole my heart with My My, such a sweet retro concept ❤

14. 5Dolls

Fav song: Like this or like that / Bias: Sumi (I know she is gone, but she was my fav)

I love Co-Ed and so I love this girls.

13. After School

Fav song: Because of you / Bias: Nana (before that…Kahi)

How can a girl group be complete without them? Love this fierce ladies.

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My fav kpop songs of 2011 pt1

Was 2011 a rollercoaster or what???? A year full of news,  rising stars, epic comebacks, scandals and above all music.

This are my favorites tunes of 2011. My list is based on how much I like the songs and the number of plays on my itunes.  

Lets get started…

55. Suddenly – City Hunter OST

I have an issue with OST music, they bring back all the feelings from the drama, and I end up getting all emotional. Thats why I like this song so much, It makes me think of  Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young … City Hunter wouldn’t have been the same without this song (according to me haha).

54. In the Night Sky – After School Red

If I were a man I would be crazy about Nana. I envy her long legs so much =(.  So this was supposed to be a SEXY song but to be honest IT IS NOT. Anyway, I like it a lot.  Its girly and lovely.

53. Dr. Feel Good – Rania

Everybody was so hard on them, dont really get why people have to be so mean. The song is awesome, they CAN sing and the choreography just goes with it.

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Merry Christmas Kpop LOVERS!!!!

My ranking of K-POP CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! 20. Shooting Star – Star Empire Cuteness all over the place 19. Snowy Wish – SNSD Not sure if it is a christmas song but it reminds me of it. So here it is. 18. … Continue reading

After School – BANG japanese version

I know this a kpop blog, but this deserves my attention….the long awaited japanese debut of After School.

I am loving the drumming at the beginning and the fact that they all look gorgeous! I like it better than the original I think.

But I miss Bekah…that rap part was somehow missing something.

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