The sexy Sistar is back to give 4minute a fight….

I am liking the song a lot…  I am a little into sexy and feminine sounds and thats what they deliver this time.

I did not like “So Cool” that much… but the girls demand my attention back with “Alone”.

Brave Brothers sure have a soft spot for Sistar, the song sounds like nothing they’ve ever done before, and fits the girls like a glove.

This is the song that will launch them as one of the most promising girl groups.

It’s a great effort. I hope they get a lot of recognition, they are so talented, they deserved it!

Watch the smoking hot MV

Comeback stages … scroll down down down 😀

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The whole mini album is great… I can see 4minute true colors in each song, and the tittle track doesn’t disappoint. Is sexy , catchy and shows off their amazing lead vocalists! The  saxophone part made me feel I was watching and old Miami Vice episode hahaha, but its different and addictive and I love it!!!!

I am enjoying this comeback already… This is it…the moment 4MINUTE rises above other girls groups… setting the bar really high!

The video is full of dark colors and a grown up feeling; together with the clothes and scenarios they  give a mix of vampire/classic/gothic, very different to any concept they have shown before.

Watch the devilish theme MV too see what I am talking about!

I´ll be posting the other songs… cause they all deserve to be post haha.

Comeback stages …scroll down down down 😀 Continue reading