I guess there are a lot of websites with this info, I just wanted to have the MVs in order in my head and since it took research time… I might as well share it. ENJOY:

Into the World – Debut (2007)

Girls Generation (2007)

Kissing You (2008)

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[UPDATED] Compilation of Kpop twitter accounts #2

Hello…..I made/copy a list of official twitter accounts…for you guys!!!!

… have fun:

Jo Kwon

Park Bom

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40. G.NA – 2HOT

If I did not love G.na last year with “Top Girl”, I am loving her even less this year with “2HOT”. I wish I could see more of the Black&White girl I like. All and all, the song is good for her, It allows G.na to perform nicely and to try another kind of sound. Experimenting is good for growing so this was a nice try (but It could have been better). She is in this list because I love her, and I like the MV.


This guys were my biggest surprise this year. I can´t get enough of this amazing song.


Baby honey honey honey baby come to me CLAP! I am sad their debut was so little notorious. This song is good and actually gives you a vibe of what Gangkiz is all about.

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Hello…this is going to be a post in spanish, because is addressed to a peruvian audience. About my appearance on the TV program 3G where I was invited to talk about K-POP.

Ayer aparecí en 3G, junto con otros 3 invitados hablando de K-POP. 

Quiero dejar en claro que me siento como una persona completamente informada sobre el tema y por eso acepté la invitación de la producción del programa. #LIKEABOSS

Para los que no conocen la dinámica del show, es una conversación no una entrevista, y está dirigido al público en general. El tema  era un como un KPOP BÁSICO CERO, y la conversación es guiada por las preguntas y los temas que los conductores y productores han preparado, los invitados no son quienes eligen los puntos exactos de la conversación ¡Así funciona! En este caso el temario incluía más o menos a JYJ, Big Bang, SNSD, diferencias con el J-POP y la influencia de internet.

Si hay algo que tuve súper claro desde el inicio es que no quería aparecer como una fanática loca, hablando cosas que solamente me comprendería un grupo de personas entendidas sobre el tema y no toda la audiencia. Es decir, nada de decirles OPPAS saltando en mi asiento como quinceañera (tengo 26 NO DA! hahaha) , nada de ropas extrafalarias, orejitas o accesorios propios de un fan meeting. O empezar a soltar una lista de nombres, que para mi son de todos los días, pero para los demás son salidos de un menú de chifa!  Y mucho menos ofenderme porque les digan andróginos.  Me mostré como lo que soy, una personal completamente normal, que gusta del K-POP. 

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I know Its not KPOP but Its not fair making a post about EXO-K without making one for EXO-M

It is my blog  and I cry If I want to #lalala

Long story short, S.M. Entertainment create a 12 member boy band, divided it into two groups, one to promote in Korea EXO-K and the other to promote in China EXO-M (almost all the members of this unit are Chinese).

I know I could be making enemies, but I must say I like them better than EXO-K

Not a loooot more, just a tiny few!

I find them so adorable…want to squeeze their cheeks so bad! … I give you


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This is my first post about a rookie group, and since I am a SMTOWNER….  EXO it is!

Long story short, S.M. Entertainment create a 12 member boy band, divided it into two groups, one to promote in Korea EXO-K and the other to promote in China EXO-M (almost all the members of this unit are Chinese).

After 128,754,654 teasers SME released their new boy band EXO.

The teasers must have worked, because I already know the name of each member… and I take my time learning names!

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JYJ IN PERU – My first kpop concert

I am Pamela, I am 26 ,I live in Perú and one of the biggest dreams of my life became truth last sunday 12/03/11.

I went to my first KPOP CONCERT, and I didn’t had to travel around the world. I didn’t even had to leave my city at all.

JYJ held a concert in my city LIMA! And I dont have any words to describe the amount of happiness it meant to me.

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My fav kpop songs of 2011 pt2

Lets continue with this countdown… 

25. Starlight Moolinght – Secret

The ladies of Secret really know how to surprise me. While watching the teasers I could only think “ewwww another sweet song”, I was losing my faith in the girls… but how could I? So yeah the tune is as sweet as cookie dough, but it has substance at the same time. I think they deserved more awards for this effort.

24. Ugly – 2NE1

Is not usual to hear a song like this in the kpop world. I felt so much the first time I watched the video, its good now and then to have this type of message and to sing with so much strenght. The amazing girls fron 2NE1 did it again.

23. To me – Rainbow

I´m crazy about the purses they used in the MV, also the dance steps when they say “come come come come to me”.  Must say how much I dig those flying long hairs… Now I can finally said that I like Rainbow.

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My fav kpop songs of 2011 pt1

Was 2011 a rollercoaster or what???? A year full of news,  rising stars, epic comebacks, scandals and above all music.

This are my favorites tunes of 2011. My list is based on how much I like the songs and the number of plays on my itunes.  

Lets get started…

55. Suddenly – City Hunter OST

I have an issue with OST music, they bring back all the feelings from the drama, and I end up getting all emotional. Thats why I like this song so much, It makes me think of  Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young … City Hunter wouldn’t have been the same without this song (according to me haha).

54. In the Night Sky – After School Red

If I were a man I would be crazy about Nana. I envy her long legs so much =(.  So this was supposed to be a SEXY song but to be honest IT IS NOT. Anyway, I like it a lot.  Its girly and lovely.

53. Dr. Feel Good – Rania

Everybody was so hard on them, dont really get why people have to be so mean. The song is awesome, they CAN sing and the choreography just goes with it.

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