Kiss me baby just you can take me day by day ♫

T-ara is back with a song that  sounds so alike with “Criminal” by Britney Spears, I am surprised it wasn’t on the news.

But I’ll look over it. Lets say Britney’s and T-ara’s songs have a different vibe, and they are good in their own terms.

Every time T-ara makes a comeback I am dying to see their new transformation, is amazing how they re-shape themselves and deliver all kinds of sounds. The problem is that sometimes is a good surprise and sometimes not so good. “Day by Day” is good.

I dig the rap part a lot, Hwayoung is finally shining and the other members also got a decent singing part. NOT BAD!

I do not know how to describe the song, so I won’t. All I know is that I like it, and is all that matters hahaha.

The MV is great, a post apocalyptic story about a young disabled girl meant to save humanity….what´s not to like about that?   It’s like watching a short film!

Check it out:

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The bad girls of Kpop are back, looking lovelier than ever.

A soft yet strong love song, I expected no less from 2NE1. Their voices sound amazing, and the whole vibe of the song is great. The MV is like a Roberto Cavalli showroom, showing his designs and owning them like a boss. The girls look beautiful and feminine, without losing their fierceness.

About time  to release a love song 2NE1!!!!

Watch the MV:

Comeback stages? Scroll down down down…..

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The kings are back..and they are ready to mingle? haha!

My beloved Super Junior is back with the 6th album “Sexy, Free & Single”, as an ELF I couldn’t be happier. But as a K-pop lover, I am a little disappointed.

The album is all we can expect from them, the tittle song screams SUPER JUNIOR from beginning to end, somehow, the other tracks pale next to it. As usual we have a couple of well rounded songs and then tracks to fill  the space. I blame SME for not innovating when it comes to SUJU, they dont step aside the confort zone created with “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”. When they repeated the trick with “Mr. Simple”  I thought maybe next time, and didn’t care, because the song was amazing! Now I do not feel forgiving about this tittle song, I am a full time ELF and yes! I am purchasing the album, but I created this blog to give my opinion so here it is: Other groups are growing, their music just gets better and my boys are being neglected in that aspect.

I must add  that I adore “From U”, is my fav song from the album, because it was made for us ELFs!!!! and because it is beautiful. I have missed soft Super Junior so bad! ❤

The MV is nothing new, SUJU dancing around an abstract scenery. They look gorgeous!!!! and is always good to see them!!! But all of that expectation, counting down the minutes to its release, I WANTED MORE!!!!!!

“Sexy, Free & Single” took it time to get into my head, watching them dance the MV didn’t do it.  And then the debut stages came,  it was like I re discovered the song. All the charisma SUJU exudes made me felt in love with it. Now I can say I love SF&S, and thats why this post comes so late, I was waiting so I could write something nice, I didn’t wanted to rant against SME and say nothing positive.

I am feeling sexy, free & single myself! ….. BINGO!!!!!

Check it out:

Comeback stages? Scroll down!

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I’m in love all over again.

 Baby I’m in love with you~

Lately, Sistar can no do wrong right?

I love the song! A perfect summer hit, with all that summer loving going around.

It’s so cute and lively!

The MV is great, a lot of body exposure, it would not be Sistar without that! They seem to be having a blast in Hawai. Is like they are normal girls, fooling around and having fun.

And the choreo is simple and goes with the whole feeling of the MV.

Check it out:

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Women hide your husbands!!!

I was worry about After School, you know, without Kahi, but I must gladly say that I was wrong. This ladies are here to claim the SEXY crown back!

Flashback is a great tittle song for them, because it allows them to perform doing what they do best, show off their feminine charisma. I like Rip Off as well, and I am glad they decided to perform it, a nice synthetic sound, perfect to showcase a good dance routine. I was surprised to see that Nana had a solo song, not even the main vocalists got a solo, they have a duet!

About the MV, well, It is you can expect from AS, there are a lot of legs and wavy hairs going on, and I love it. They are not indirectly seductive but IN YOUR FACE sexy! The MV has it all to make a man’s heart beat faster, lots of skin, cool stocking, suggestive stares, sexy dance steps, etc.

Check it out:

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Is me or Big Bang only knows how to get better?

Even though is kind of a repackage album IS AWESOME. Not just because It has the great songs form Alive, but because the new additions are perfect.

The tittle track is everything I want from them at his point, they already deliver enough electronic sounds with Fantastic Baby, I wanned something more like Blue or Bad Boy and i got it.  Monster is an amazing song, works with each member, is soft and strong at the same time and it lingers in your head … in a good way. So bad they wont promote it =(

The MV is crazy, they look stunning as dark creatures <3. The scenes are beautiful, so well done. The colors, the performers, the rhythm … everything is jang!

Check it out:

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My dear lovely beautiful boys are back with their 3rd Mini Album INFINITIZE!

And what is not to like about it?

I can’t fit all the happiness this comeback brings into my body. I am literally trembling as I write. OK PAM DON’T OVER DO IT.

All the waiting was worth, the mini album is all Infinite has us used to, but taken to another level. Sharp electric tracks, heartfelt ballads and sweet soft tunes.

I love “With…” and “Only Tears”, I can almost feel them singing next to me!!! Woohyun and Sunggyu voices are like velvet to my ears.

“In the summer” is so so so sweet! I want to cry!

Tittle track tittle track “The Chaser”, IT WAS MADE FOR THEM and only for them. I must admit I like “Be Mine” and “Paradise” better, those were works of art. “The Chaser” feels more like a tune to prove they are growing and experimenting with is valid, good and unavoidable. It has a nice vibe, kind of sexy and perfect to show off Infinite dancing and singing skills. An Infinite song, from head to toe.

The MV is great. As always they boys show a  flawless choreography, and look absolutely handsome. I just love how they are growing from adorable kids to adorable men. ❤

And all that Sunggyu camera time, was Woolliment reading my mind? …. Although. I must say,  I do not understand the story.

Anyway….. I’m INFINITIZED 

Check It out:

Comeback stages..scroll down down down…

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Babies are you ready?

UHH I LIKE THIS… they keep using their previous strong concept, and it works!

About the tittle track, it feel like the second part of their debut song hahaha… but I am OK with that! I believe It is good for them to seize this position for now. They can surprise us later!

In the MV we get to see more of the B.A.P. we came to love with Warrior:

Bang Yong Guk deep voice CHECK!

Himchan crazy eyes CHECK!

Zelo’ speedy rap CHECK!

Dae Hyun velvet voice CHECK!

Young Jae nice vocals CHECK !

Jong Up cool presence CHECK !

Check it out MV:

Comeback stages …scroll down down down! 😀

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The storm of boy band comebacks continues and I REGRET NOTHING

DORADORA is a great tittle song for U-KISS, It sounds so much like them, IT WAS SMADE FOR THEM, it fits them and they deliver it perfectly!

A cool sound, electronic but still so sexy or it is just me being a fan girl?

About the MV, nothing groundbreaking but It does the job. The boys show off their masculine charms in their cool outfits. And my fav part…the dance!!!  Those body waves are a little too much for my fragile heart hahaha!

With all that said…I still don’t know if they can achieve any awards with DORADORA … life is always so hard for U-KISS. This boys show that they have grown with each comeback, but sometimes is not enough.  I hope they do win something though, because I can’t get this song out of my head.

Watch the MV

For comeback stages scrool down down down 😀

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The sexy Sistar is back to give 4minute a fight….

I am liking the song a lot…  I am a little into sexy and feminine sounds and thats what they deliver this time.

I did not like “So Cool” that much… but the girls demand my attention back with “Alone”.

Brave Brothers sure have a soft spot for Sistar, the song sounds like nothing they’ve ever done before, and fits the girls like a glove.

This is the song that will launch them as one of the most promising girl groups.

It’s a great effort. I hope they get a lot of recognition, they are so talented, they deserved it!

Watch the smoking hot MV

Comeback stages … scroll down down down 😀

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