I AM OVERLY OBSESSED WITH STOP GIRL (the tittle song)…It is everything I like about U-KISS quadrupled!!!!!!

Great vocals, choreo, mood! everything is right with this song!

U-KISS is a group that always shows growth, now we have a mature image, with female dancers, suits, sexy stares and everything! We get to see them more like men and less like like boys. I LIKE!

As usual, their timing sucks! G-Dragon is promoting, Psy is still trending, Secret just made a sexy comeback and TVXQ is around the corner!

They deserve an award…SERIOUSLY.   This song is better that Poison, Crayon and even Catch Me (I am a full time Cassie and despite that I cant ignore Stop Girl awesomeness)…IN THE NAME OF LOVE…GIVE THEM AN AWARD!!!!!

One of my fav. comebacks from this year. NO DOUBT!

MV Black&White ver.

Check out the comeback stages scrolling down….

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I must say I didnt give too much attention to BtoB, they came out of nowhere very fast and we were already so full with debuts and comebacks that I just did not notice them.

Now they got my attention with their 2nd Mini Album “Press Play”. I cant get enough of “WOW”, keep playing it over and over again.

Everybody is saying it, so is not new …. they sound like the boy bands from the 90s. The song reminds me so much “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” from the Backstreet Boys, I can hardly control my hormones.

And the choreo is amazing, cute and fun… great song + cool choreo + good MV… this guys finally make their way to my fangirl heart!

Check out the MV

For comeback stages scroll down…

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Beauties aren’t you happy?

Oh God! I´ve been sick and my blog paid the consequences! No updating for so long…MY BAD!

The mini album is great! I wouldn’t say is a master piece, but is good. If I can listen repeatedly  3 or more songs from a mini album it says is all… I AM HOOKED!

The tittle song is all I wanted from them. I am glad BEAST is back with a happy song, I just love to watch them having fun in every stage. This upbeat track is perfect for the summer.

The MV, just like the song, is perfect for the summer with vivid colors and bright lights. FUN FUN FUN

Check it out:

Comeback stages…scroll down!

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Is me or Big Bang only knows how to get better?

Even though is kind of a repackage album IS AWESOME. Not just because It has the great songs form Alive, but because the new additions are perfect.

The tittle track is everything I want from them at his point, they already deliver enough electronic sounds with Fantastic Baby, I wanned something more like Blue or Bad Boy and i got it.  Monster is an amazing song, works with each member, is soft and strong at the same time and it lingers in your head … in a good way. So bad they wont promote it =(

The MV is crazy, they look stunning as dark creatures <3. The scenes are beautiful, so well done. The colors, the performers, the rhythm … everything is jang!

Check it out:

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My dear lovely beautiful boys are back with their 3rd Mini Album INFINITIZE!

And what is not to like about it?

I can’t fit all the happiness this comeback brings into my body. I am literally trembling as I write. OK PAM DON’T OVER DO IT.

All the waiting was worth, the mini album is all Infinite has us used to, but taken to another level. Sharp electric tracks, heartfelt ballads and sweet soft tunes.

I love “With…” and “Only Tears”, I can almost feel them singing next to me!!! Woohyun and Sunggyu voices are like velvet to my ears.

“In the summer” is so so so sweet! I want to cry!

Tittle track tittle track “The Chaser”, IT WAS MADE FOR THEM and only for them. I must admit I like “Be Mine” and “Paradise” better, those were works of art. “The Chaser” feels more like a tune to prove they are growing and experimenting with is valid, good and unavoidable. It has a nice vibe, kind of sexy and perfect to show off Infinite dancing and singing skills. An Infinite song, from head to toe.

The MV is great. As always they boys show a  flawless choreography, and look absolutely handsome. I just love how they are growing from adorable kids to adorable men. ❤

And all that Sunggyu camera time, was Woolliment reading my mind? …. Although. I must say,  I do not understand the story.

Anyway….. I’m INFINITIZED 

Check It out:

Comeback stages..scroll down down down…

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Shall I call him XIA? I don’t know!

This album is so amazing… I don’t believe I’ll find words to describe it.

Junsu has been chosen many times now as the best  male vocalist among idols, so It is not surprise his first solo album is so close to perfection.  I enjoy listening it so so so much!

My dear Junsu transforms like a chameleon for each track… delivering fierceness, emotion, and flawless vocals like no other. My very favorite “No Gain”.

The title song “Tarantallegra“ is different from what I was expecting, I wanted a ballad! haha. For  a moment  it brought me back to JYJ. But no, I was wrong, is pure Junsu once you get used to it.  An electronic catchy sound, rich in meaning and interpretation (like everything in this album).

The MV is a little too much for my heart to take. I LIKE IT but.. .IDK…I mean, his dancing is neat and the choreo is great. The scenography is pretty awesome, It is  a great production…but so many “sexy” scenes make me feel a little awkward. Is not like Junsu can’t be touch by girls in leotards with chains… I am sorry I lost my point writing that, I guess that in my fangirl head he just CAN’T. Delusional here.

Anyway check it out:

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Babies are you ready?

UHH I LIKE THIS… they keep using their previous strong concept, and it works!

About the tittle track, it feel like the second part of their debut song hahaha… but I am OK with that! I believe It is good for them to seize this position for now. They can surprise us later!

In the MV we get to see more of the B.A.P. we came to love with Warrior:

Bang Yong Guk deep voice CHECK!

Himchan crazy eyes CHECK!

Zelo’ speedy rap CHECK!

Dae Hyun velvet voice CHECK!

Young Jae nice vocals CHECK !

Jong Up cool presence CHECK !

Check it out MV:

Comeback stages …scroll down down down! 😀

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The storm of boy band comebacks continues and I REGRET NOTHING

DORADORA is a great tittle song for U-KISS, It sounds so much like them, IT WAS SMADE FOR THEM, it fits them and they deliver it perfectly!

A cool sound, electronic but still so sexy or it is just me being a fan girl?

About the MV, nothing groundbreaking but It does the job. The boys show off their masculine charms in their cool outfits. And my fav part…the dance!!!  Those body waves are a little too much for my fragile heart hahaha!

With all that said…I still don’t know if they can achieve any awards with DORADORA … life is always so hard for U-KISS. This boys show that they have grown with each comeback, but sometimes is not enough.  I hope they do win something though, because I can’t get this song out of my head.

Watch the MV

For comeback stages scrool down down down 😀

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I know Its not KPOP but Its not fair making a post about EXO-K without making one for EXO-M

It is my blog  and I cry If I want to #lalala

Long story short, S.M. Entertainment create a 12 member boy band, divided it into two groups, one to promote in Korea EXO-K and the other to promote in China EXO-M (almost all the members of this unit are Chinese).

I know I could be making enemies, but I must say I like them better than EXO-K

Not a loooot more, just a tiny few!

I find them so adorable…want to squeeze their cheeks so bad! … I give you


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This is my first post about a rookie group, and since I am a SMTOWNER….  EXO it is!

Long story short, S.M. Entertainment create a 12 member boy band, divided it into two groups, one to promote in Korea EXO-K and the other to promote in China EXO-M (almost all the members of this unit are Chinese).

After 128,754,654 teasers SME released their new boy band EXO.

The teasers must have worked, because I already know the name of each member… and I take my time learning names!

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