Is me or Big Bang only knows how to get better?

Even though is kind of a repackage album IS AWESOME. Not just because It has the great songs form Alive, but because the new additions are perfect.

The tittle track is everything I want from them at his point, they already deliver enough electronic sounds with Fantastic Baby, I wanned something more like Blue or Bad Boy and i got it.  Monster is an amazing song, works with each member, is soft and strong at the same time and it lingers in your head … in a good way. So bad they wont promote it =(

The MV is crazy, they look stunning as dark creatures <3. The scenes are beautiful, so well done. The colors, the performers, the rhythm … everything is jang!

Check it out:

Track list:

04. FANTASTIC BABY (Special Edition Ver.)
05. BAD BOY (Special Edition Ver.)
06. BLUE (Special Edition Ver.)
07. Bingle Bingle (빙글빙글)
08. EGO
09. Love Dust (사랑 먼지) (Special Edition Ver.)
10. Monster (Instrumental)
11. Monster (Acappella)

Download from itunes you get a digital booklet!

Or You can purchase the album here 

I love you baby I’m not a monster ♫

I feel your pain…come to meeee!!!! you can love me all you want!

I am having mixed feelings about this haircut,  Taeyang reminds me of Bram Stoker Dracula!

And then POOOWWWW!!!

I do not own the pics or vid

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