I have a weakness for debut songs.

I believe so much in first impressions that it is impossible not to judge a group by the song that brings it into the spotlight.

Is true that having a regular/bad debut does not mean you can’t do better later, but It helps a lot if you were succesful from day one… right? You create a large fan base that will help you for future comebacks. You get more media coverage, you are better known and you already have a hit song in your portfolio.

So here are my 30 favorite debut songs. Not all fo them were great achievements for their performers, but I loved them… that is enough to make it on this list… enjoy:

30. Apink – I Don’t Know

So sweet that it can give you cavities. But no one can deny it was a good debut, the best rookies of 2011.

28. Nine Muses – No Playboy

I dont want no playboy…NO! So you have model like girls and a catchy song. Isn’t that what Kpop is all about? haha well no, but they did the trick. This song is very good and I believe it deserved better.

29. Brave Girls – Do You Know?

My love for this song has no end. Is so soft and beautiful, I did not see that coming… considering you know, they are under the BRAVE BROTHERS wings. Somehow I was expecting an electronic over the top sound. This was a refreshing surprise.

27. Huh Gak – Hello

I feel so many emotions every time I listen to “Hello”….dont you?  A perfect debut song for this reality show star.

26. B.A.P. – Warrior

What a great way to stand out, lets have a bunch of blonde fierce asian guys singing and dancing like “warriors”. I like!

25. Sistar – Push Push

Drums drums drums… push push baby!… I like! This girls can sing while showing their curves, good combo.

24. Hello Venus – Venus

I am in love with this song, keep on listening to it over and over again. Is fun and fresh, I am looking forward to see what this group does in the future.

23. C.N. Blue – I’m A Loner

Can’t help to love this song, It is so awesome and catchy.

22. Wonder Girls – Irony

The tune at the beginning claimed my attention! What is not to like about Irony?

21. Beast – Bad Girl

Be crazy!… and crazy we were! So I did not understand what they meant with “I wanna come to me girl”, I guess there should be a pause there but in the Kpop world english correctness is not important, you could ask my boys from B1A4. The important thing here was the birth of an incredible boy band. And you can call me BAD GIRL every day of the week.

20. Rania – Dr. Feel Good

I love this strong debut song!!! They were very close to be my fav rookies of 2011. DR. FEEL GOOD is one o f my fav songs of that year for sure.

19. Infinite – Comeback again

I did not care too much about Infinite when they debuted, they stole my heart with BTD in 2011, since then I got obsessed with them and now I do not understand why I didn’t give this great song a chance! Is amazing, and they look so good.

18. Super Junior – Twins (Knock Out)

It was outrageous, a 13 member boy band? Was SM going nuts? They were not my dears. Super Junior was perfect from day one. I remember loving Kibum and Siwon, I did not had a chance to fall for my bias Yesung just yet, because camera time is a bitch! They look so weird and young, my babies.

17. – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live

Such a heartfelt tune. Is emotional and beautiful, a great start for

16. Mblaq – Oh Yeah

I am feeling good! Yes this song made me feel so good. A perfect debut song for a boy band, Mblaq has passed through a rough path but their debut was nothing but great.  Mir looks so cute I could puke rainbows

15. After School – Ah!

Great song is great! I just knew this group was here to stay. And OMG Kahi, how dare you to be so sexy?

14. SS501- Warning

How can I be a Kpop fan without recognizing the achievements of SS501. They have one of the greatest international fan bases I know, and It all began with this song! Those time were awesome, TVXQ, Suju, SS501, Bigbang… all promoting with weird looks and crazy hair hahaha. Anyway, gotta love Warning, is the first glance of what SS501 was going to bring to the table.

13. Co-Ed School – Too Late

In this moment, promoting this song, they were so promising. I hope they make a comeback soon!

12. Girls’ Generation – Into the New World

I did not, and I repeat I DID NOT LIKE SNSD WHEN THEY DEBUTED. The very thought of having nine girls around my favorite idols gave me goosebumps (I had issues, I have worked on them and now I am a better person 😀 hahaha). They won me over with Gee, and now I appreciate the beauty of their debut, a simple vintage girly song, I dig!

11. f(x) – La chA TA

This debut made so happy that I have no words to describe how much I like this song. I just knew SM got to me one more time.

10. 2PM – 10 points out of 10

My fav 2pm song. Nothing else to say here, is perfection.

9. 4minute – Hot Issue

From head to toe HOT ISSUE!… hell yeaaah!!! This is what I am talking about, 4minute got to my soft spot with this song. I am a sucker for funky girly sounds.

8.T-ara – Lies

If I recall well Lies wasn’t a success. The girls from T-ara were criticized for not singing live or something like that. But for me it didn’t mean the song was bad. I actually liked it a lot, even now I consider it to be one of my fav Kpop songs.

7. Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

JYP raised the bar for girl groups with this debut! Not only the girls had good vocals but they were also great dancers. Bad Girl, Good Girl is everything a debut song should be, distinctive, fun, memorable, and with a great simple MV, to show you the talented faces behind the music.

6. 2NE1 – Fire

I go by the name of CL of 2NE1…eheheheheh we are 2NE1…woowww!!! Was this an awesome debut song or what? It is so fierce and fun, you could tell this four girls were gonna make it big.

5. FTisland – Love sick

One of my all time fav kpop songs. Hongki voice is velvet to my ears… and I love the lyrics also, Who has not sinned for love?

4. S.E.S. – I’m Your Girl

This was the best debut song of those times. Other boy bands and girl groups such as H.O.T., Shinhwa and FinKL did very good too, but from their second single I think. This song is pure old school perfection. A must have for Kpop lovers.

3. Big Bang – La-La-La

How dare people say they were too ugly to be idols??? Time has proven those poor souls wrong. An amazing song, for amazing rising starts, at the time. YG knew for sure what they had in hands.

2. SHINee – Replay

This noona was so happy with this debut. I did not want to like them, they seemed (are) too young for me, but I was a fool. This song got stuck in my head for weeks, even now I listen to it a lot, my very fav SHINee song.

1. TVXQ – Hug

This is not only my favorite debut song, but one of my favorite songs ever. It is perfect, my guys show off their vocal talent as well as their dance moves, and did you watch the MV? They look so cute! I Just Can’t!!! I haven’t heard another debut song that compares to it. My number one for sure, I became a cassie with Hug #Iregretnothing

Songs that did not make the cut but were pretty close: Supa Dupa Diva by Dal Shabet, Come Closer by B.E.G., Freeze by Block B, OK by B1A4, This song by 2AM, Round 1 by Dalmatian. 

PLS READ: This is MY CHART…You might have another order…this is mine! I know some groups have achieved more than others, but I am only taking into consideration what I like. If you live any other singer/group that is not on this list, feel free t introduce me to them.


  1. hug! I know it..
    Best debut song ever, the amount of cuteness & innocentness together with their talent.. And not to mention the melody is so damn beautiful..

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