Of course I had to make a videography of my favorite girls!

La Cha Ta – Debut (2009)

Chocolate love (2009)

Chu~♡ (2009)

Hard but Easy – Luna and Krystal – Invincible Lee Pyung Kang OST (2009)

Spread Its Wings – Luna, Kristal and Amber – God of Study OST (2010)

Thrill Love (2010)

Lollipop – with M.I.C.  (2010)

I’m Back  – Amber ft. Danson Tang (2010)

NU ABO  (2010)

Beautiful Day – Calvin Klein’s X Jean (2010)

You Are Hiding A Secret… Is It ok?  – Paradise Ranch OST (2011)

Pinocchio (2011)

Hot Summer (2011)

These are official MVs since their debut in 2009, so if the girls released other songs without official MVs, they are not here :D

Also, this are videos where they actually sing, not just appear in.


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I dont own the vids

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