I know Its not KPOP but Its not fair making a post about EXO-K without making one for EXO-M

It is my blog  and I cry If I want to #lalala

Long story short, S.M. Entertainment create a 12 member boy band, divided it into two groups, one to promote in Korea EXO-K and the other to promote in China EXO-M (almost all the members of this unit are Chinese).

I know I could be making enemies, but I must say I like them better than EXO-K

Not a loooot more, just a tiny few!

I find them so adorable…want to squeeze their cheeks so bad! … I give you


I have the same comments I made about EXO-K songs. They are the same duuuuh!

And the interpretation didn’t change much I think.

I am so sad I dont get to watch them promoting every weekend…buuuu… I can´t make out my mind about their lives if there aren’t any!

I like them and I cant wait to see them comeback with better songs!

Luhan you beautiful thing…. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE NOT 14!!!!



Main Vocalist


Leader, Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist


Main Dancer, Vocalist


Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer


Lead Rapper, Vocalist


Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper


What is love

itunes download


itunes download



itunes downloadpurchase the single


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4


12th Yinyue Fengyun Bang Awards

This profile gifs are from tumblr

Source: Exo-M official website, Wikipedia

3 comments on “[DEBUT] EXO-M

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  3. I totally learned something new about Korean music today.
    It’s pretty awesome to see how the Korean pop industry can be so widespread and venturing off to
    other areas other than music. It’s so strange to see these people start off as just Korean music rookies
    and seeing them reach this point. Completely amazed.

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