JYJ IN PERU – My first kpop concert

I am Pamela, I am 26 ,I live in Perú and one of the biggest dreams of my life became truth last sunday 12/03/11.

I went to my first KPOP CONCERT, and I didn’t had to travel around the world. I didn’t even had to leave my city at all.

JYJ held a concert in my city LIMA! And I dont have any words to describe the amount of happiness it meant to me.

I am a Cassiopeia since the Hug days, so being able to see Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong live means the world to me… I cried the whole concert I think…I couldnt believe it, I cant believe it even now!

The guys arrived to Lima saturday morning and left to the Marriot Hotel, where they had a press conference and after that they came out the Balcony to greet the fans that were outside screaming their names!

The concert was sunday afternoon…and the fans were camping outside the stadium.

To be honest, I did not fully understand that I was gonna see them, It felt unreal so when they turn off the lights and the music began to play… I started crying, finally I was aware that in that very moment, I was fulfilling a life long dream… as a Cassie and a Kpop fan.

Concert openning EMPTY

There was  a moment when Yoochun asked how did we know them…we all scream TVXQ. There again tears were falling down my chin.

If they had sung any TVXQ OT5 song (delusional here) I probably would have die right there, out of happiness

I want to thank every person involved in this concert! They made a dream come true for a lot of people like me ❤


I´ll let you some fancams. Enjoy





I cried and scream so loud the fan chants in this song!


I still get goosebumps watching this vid and thinking I was there!

Pics from:



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