The charming princes of KPOP are back… and I JUST CANT! arfaerrfasfrefd

OMG… Shinhwa, Big Bang, CN Blue, B1A4 and SHINee promoting at the same time?


About Sherlock….It is pure SHINee Juliet/Love like Oxigen gimmick

Their great formula of good vocals+ sharp choreography…. AND I LOVE IT!

But I just dont care…the song is great, and the choreo is INSANE… I waited for so long…and it was worth it!!


Check out the MV:

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Here you have some cool songs from this year…In no particular order

FAT CAT  – Is being pretty everything?

SUNG JOON – Jaywalking

BIG BANG – Fantastic Baby

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JYJ IN PERU – My first kpop concert

I am Pamela, I am 26 ,I live in Perú and one of the biggest dreams of my life became truth last sunday 12/03/11.

I went to my first KPOP CONCERT, and I didn’t had to travel around the world. I didn’t even had to leave my city at all.

JYJ held a concert in my city LIMA! And I dont have any words to describe the amount of happiness it meant to me.

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Nine Muses is back with TICKET!

The model idols are back, right after promoting News.. And they are better than ever!!!

They are known for being one of the most hardworking girl groups, and know I can finally see their efforts giving good results. I think they needed Figaro and News, to bond and enlarge their fandom…. and now its time to take their hearts!… AND THATS WHAT TICKET DOES!

Ticket  just gets to me, in a good way.  It steals and demands your attention from beginning to end.  It has a retro feeling to it, and is so catchy, not only the chorus but the whole song.

Needless to say, they all look beautiful…THEY ARE MODELS for Gods sake! But Minha,Eunji and Sera are breathtaking!

Check out their last MV and see what I am talking about:

Comeback stages here as well…scroll down!

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ALIVE – BIG BANG… is back!!!

They had a rough 2011, but they stayed together and now they are back and STRONGER THAN EVER!

If someone knows how to make a comeback…that is BIG BANG.

Their music only nows how to get better, and so their MVs and visuals. CHeck out he MVs and comeback stages here 😀

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20. JYJ

Fav song: Chajjata/ Bias:Yoochun

No words to describe mi feelings for this three. I am a Cassie that will always hope for a reunion but I have to admitd, they make a beautiful group.

19. Winner

Fav song: Don’t Flirt/ Bias: Tae Hyun

Their debut was amazing. The songs are flawless.

18. B.A.P.

Fav song: Warrior/ Bias: Himchan

So powerful!!!!

17. Teen Top

Fav song: Miss Right/ Bias: Neil

So many feelings.

16. EXO

Fav song: Growl/ Bias: Xiumin

Talented and pretty. With awesome choreos and songs.

15. Block B

Fav song: Nalina / Bias: Zico and all his swag

This guys own the stage every time they perform…they deserve a second chance!

14. 2AM

Fav song: I cant let you go even if I die / Bias: Jo Kwon

Most amazing combination of voices …nowadays

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Well the girls from Miss A are back ….

I know I am a little late with this, but I have been so busy lately!!!

I was not that impressed by the song…I am sorry Say A out there…I just did not click.

But the MV and the choreography did the trick for me.  They look completely feminine and delicate, Miss A is really growing and finding their true colors. I love them because they dont follow the trend, they do their thing and as a result we get a refreshing sound and fierce dance steps.  GREAT JOB JYP!!!!

Check out their last MV and see what I am talking about:

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