20. Red Velvet

Fav song: Natural / Bias: Wendy

I am very SM biased. Can you tell?

19. Orange Caramel

Fav song: Lipstick / Bias: Nana

18. Spica

Fav song: You Don’t Love Me / Bias: bOA

They gotta be one of the most talented girl groups out there. They deserve more!!!

17. Girls’ Day

Fav song: Expectation  / Bias: Yura

It have been an awesome ride for this girls. They got to me!

16. Girls’ Generation-TTS

Fav song: Adrenaline / Bias: Taeyeon

I just love everything they do.

15. Apink

Fav song: My My / Bias: Eunji

They stole my heart with My My, such a sweet retro concept ❤

14. 5Dolls

Fav song: Like this or like that / Bias: Sumi (I know she is gone, but she was my fav)

I love Co-Ed and so I love this girls.

13. After School

Fav song: Because of you / Bias: Nana (before that…Kahi)

How can a girl group be complete without them? Love this fierce ladies.

12. Sistar

Fav song: How Dare You/ Bias: Hyorin

Beautiful and talented…awesome combination.

11. Kara

Fav song: Lupin / Bias: Seungyeon

Just because their songs and dance steps are so catchy! Impossible to hate!

I miss Nicole </3

10. 4Minute

Fav song: Hot Issue / Bias: HyunA

I just cant wait to see every comeback! They always keep on getting better and better.

9. Brown Eyed Girls

Fav song: Abracadabra / Bias: Narsha

The most amazing combination of voices out there. And can you say sexy???

8. T-ara

Fav song: Like the beginning / Bias: Hyomin

I just love them…. their songs, their style, their faces…everything!

7. Rainbow

Fav song: A / Bias: WooRi

This girls deserve so much more credit! They are charming and so beautiful!

6. Miss A

Fav song: Breathe / Bias: Min

Most amazing choreos out there! Gotta love them.



5. Secret

Fav song: Shy Boy / Bias: Ji Eun

They won my heart in 2011….this girls are DAEBAK!

4. Wonder Girls

Fav song: Nobody (duuuuh) / Bias: Ye-Eun

Do I need a reason to love them? They are just perfect to my eyes.

3. 2NE1

Fav song: Fire / Bias: Dara

They are on FIRE! Most amazing edgy girls out there!




Fav song: Genie / Bias: Sunny

All of their song get stuck in my head for weeks!…And they deliver flawless performances!

1. f(x)

Fav song: NU ABO / Bias: Victoria

I have so much fun watching this girls…they are like little sister to me…I just love them so much!

Hope SME give them better songs and choreos..I wanna see them grow into hayllu stars!!!!

PLS READ: This is MY CHART…You might have another order…this is mine! I know some groups have achieved more than others, but I am only taking into consideration what I like.

I DONT OWN THE GIFS…thats why they are all copied from their original URL and not upload as mine 😀


  1. Yo habria puesto KARA mas arriba, habria puesto “Goodbye Baby” de Miss A y “Sign” de las Brown Eyed Girls pero tu seleccion es bastante buena y justa. Lo unico que puedo agregar al respecto es un gigantesco ÑAM!

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