My fav kpop songs of 2011 pt2

Lets continue with this countdown… 

25. Starlight Moolinght – Secret

The ladies of Secret really know how to surprise me. While watching the teasers I could only think “ewwww another sweet song”, I was losing my faith in the girls… but how could I? So yeah the tune is as sweet as cookie dough, but it has substance at the same time. I think they deserved more awards for this effort.

24. Ugly – 2NE1

Is not usual to hear a song like this in the kpop world. I felt so much the first time I watched the video, its good now and then to have this type of message and to sing with so much strenght. The amazing girls fron 2NE1 did it again.

23. To me – Rainbow

I´m crazy about the purses they used in the MV, also the dance steps when they say “come come come come to me”.  Must say how much I dig those flying long hairs… Now I can finally said that I like Rainbow.

22. Step – Kara

What I like about Kara is that they are somehow faithful to their style, their energy feels even on all their songs and Step is  just perfect  for them. And energetic and colorful tune. The outfits were a little to much for me but the rest was just right, Kamilias should be very glad, although it was for a short time, they got Kara back.

21. Tonight – Bigbang

I expected a bit more, but with the live performances I finally came to love Tonight. All that guitar smashing was so cool ❤ And what I can say about their achievement at the EMAs???? Mind-blowing!

20. In Heaven – JYJ

This effort surpasses my expectations and made me realize how much I missed their voices, I hope they continue to make great music.  I miss TVXQ, Homin and JYJ can not fill the void left in my heart. But I thank them for trying…. Always keep the faith!!!!

19. Mirror Mirror – 4MINUTE

I have to admit that I didnt care 2much about the song while they were promoting it. I came to watch the video out of curiosity a couple of weeks after they stop promoting it…then I wonder why didnt I watch it before? I am liking the vocals a lot… You can feel they are growing, great comeback 4minute.

18. Roly Poly – T-ara

I have so much fun listening to Roly Poly. And dont you think the girls are getting prettier and prettier?

17. Good-bye Baby – Miss A

Miss A never disappoints. This is one of my fav choreographies of the year, all the performances were flawless, and the song itself is awesome. JYP is doing a very good job with this group.

16. Mona Lisa – MBLAQ

Just to think I actually got to see G.O and Mir performing here in Perú!!!!  rrhgirgjweklgr Still dont believe it! … About Mona Lina, Cant get enough of Mir swag and I just adore the choreography… Thumps up for this amazing guys, too bad they didnt get to win any awards with this song…they deserved it!!!!!

 15. Cry Cry – T-ara

I DIDN’T EXPECT to like this song as much as I do. With every replay I came to love it more and more, just cant get enough of it. T-ara pull off a powerful and emotional choreography, I dont know what else to say… I like this song so much! and its weird because is not the typical Kpop song right?

14. Pinocchio/Danger – f(x)

I am in love with f(x) especially victoria  , and I´m so happy about their comecack this year…so proud…I missed my fav girl group so much!…this song took its time to get into my head but It did at the end….DANGER!!!!

13. Fiction – Beast

So they won song of the year for KBS…Not so sure about that O.o But I cant deny this was an over the top comeback, probably one of the best of this past year. All and all the song is really good, their voices and dance steps in the chorus are the best part of it all. The guys of Beast upgrade their idol status with this effort…Standing ovation for their great 2011!!!

12. 0330 – U-Kiss

I dindt care too much about U-Kiss…and then…they release this song… What can I say? 0330 is  just Perfect! Fill with emotions and with one of the most beautiful chorus in the kpop world. A 2011 ranking wouldnt be complete without this master piece.

11. Be Mine – Infinite

I think 2011 was Infinite year. I know they did not win any of the BIG awards but despite that, they had an incredible journey. Their status is skyrocketing and the fanbase keeps on growing, and I know for a fact we can blame BE MINE for that. What a perfect song for their first complete album.Woolliment did it right! They stole my freaking heart…I wanna be theirs forever and ever ❤

10. Keep Your Head Down – TVXQ

I dont care if the sing the happy birthday powerful, they will always be on my top10. The dance is great and the song is catchy. I am so glad they are back…although its only 2 of them, and my heart still hurts. Yeah I am a cassie….AND PROUD OF IT!

9. Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls

My fav music video of the year…completely OVER THE TOP!  And the song is too great to be true. One of my very fav comebacks of the year, you can tell B.E.G. work hard to bring differents sounds to the industry. The whole album is enjoyable. I cant put in words how much I like this song…the falsettos and Miryo rap were extraordinary!… Better than the love motion lalala

8. Good Day – IU

Whats the matter with this girl?…is she trying to put to shame all the idol lead singers? That last part blows my mind every time. I have to say this…. at the beginning this was way too sweet for my taste, but after watching her over and over again, I came to like it mmm to love it would be more accurate. The song of the year for many countdowns.

7. Shy Boy – Secret

Shy shy shy boy…oh oh oh my boy!!!! ……At first I was in shock when I saw the powerful SECRET girls singing this song, but I couldnt help to love it…so sweet, without being cheesy (at least for me it isnt).

6. Superman  – Super Junior

You can not call yourself an ELF if you dindt look for the meaning of every word of this song. This is our Super Junior anthem, and epic song for an epic group. My hearts starts beating fast at the very beginning of it. THE LAST MAN STANDING!

5. Hands Up – 2pm

What can a hottest say about Hands Up? I seriously felt my hormones exploding while watching the MV hahaha. Such a fun song, so catchy and easy to follow. Besides…did you see how hot they all look? DAEBAK!!!!………… My  Nichkhun so  manly fgvhjebgfwjwherdfjkr

4. Be my Baby – Wonder Girls

I think the Wonder Girls can not do any wrongs in my book. As much as I wanted for them to promoted “Me,In”  I cant deny my endless love for this song, its perfect from beginning to end. It got stuck in my head for weeks, and I find my self doing the dance steps every time I listen to it… make your lady, maaaake me your lady lalala… what a WONDERFUL tune and even better performers. Is so great to have them back.

3. Mr. Simple  – Super Junior

I find so hard to write a review about Mr. Simple. All I can think about is how happy I was to have them promoting again, I get emotional just to think that they are gonna be least and least members each time (hate military service). My guys deliver a song following their previous “Sorry Sorry Bonamana” style,  despite that… It did not disappoint.  It is catchy, has a  positive message and an awesome choreo, PERFECT as expected from them. Now every time someone says “hey” all I can think about is replying “I am mr. simple” hahaha. I AM A PROUD ELF!!!!! I love them so much ❤

2. The Boys – SNSD

If you dont like them dont read this, I am about to praise them like there is no tomorrow. One of the most anticipated comebacks of the year to say the least. And It was soooo worth it.  I was going crazy just with the teasers and when they release the whole album I went nuts, I was actually SINGING ALONG after a minute, something never happens ´cause I dont speak korean (yeah I am talking about the eng. ver.),  The nine of them look gorgeous, grown up and classic sexy. I find no flaws in this song, not even the easy going lyrics, dont care. The melody, voices and choreography are perfect to me …I LOVE IT LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!!!  …… Girls bring the boys out!!!!

 1. I Am The Best – 2NE1

Bam Ratatata Tatatatata!!!!!! This is the best song  I have listened to this year…no doubt. I am not a blackjack but damn right I would love to be one after this. It could be a hit in any part of the world, the MV is just *sick  and the live performances made me jump in my seat!

I enjoy how powerful they are, all the energy they transmit in each stage. I have no words no describe how much I like this song, feel like dancing in a very arrogant way every time hahaha. And no one can ignore their global star status…so well deserved, along with others groups like SNSD, Big Bang, Super Junior, __(insert more groups here)__ they will  bring kpop music to the next level.

Top55 to top26  click here 

Also would LOVE to mention a few songs that dindt made the cut, but if this was a bigger countdown (lets say a top100) they would have for sure:  Jay Park “Abandoned”, TVXQ “Before U Go”, Dream High OST “Dream High”, FT Island “Hello”, Leessang “Turn Off the Tv”, K-Will “My Heart is Beating”,  After School Blue “Wonder Boy”, City Hunter OST “Goodbye”, Tablo “Bad”, Super Junior “A cha”, F(x) “Beautiful Goodbye”, JYJ “Get Out”, Girls Day “Twinkle Twinkle” , Yoseob “Cherish that person”, Apink “I dont know”, Orange Caramel “Bangkok City”, SNSD “Mr. Taxi”, U-Kiss “Neverland”, Dal Shabet “Supa Dupa Diva”, GP Basic “Jelly Pop” and Rainbow “Sweet Dream”.

Please keep in mind that this is based on my taste in music. I know many of the songs did better or worse in the course of the year, but I this is ME …. if you dont agree it is probably because WE ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON hohoho 😀

Feel free to share your mind but pls dont be a hater… 

I dont own the vids

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