My fav kpop songs of 2011 pt1

Was 2011 a rollercoaster or what???? A year full of news,  rising stars, epic comebacks, scandals and above all music.

This are my favorites tunes of 2011. My list is based on how much I like the songs and the number of plays on my itunes.  

Lets get started…

55. Suddenly – City Hunter OST

I have an issue with OST music, they bring back all the feelings from the drama, and I end up getting all emotional. Thats why I like this song so much, It makes me think of  Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young … City Hunter wouldn’t have been the same without this song (according to me haha).

54. In the Night Sky – After School Red

If I were a man I would be crazy about Nana. I envy her long legs so much =(.  So this was supposed to be a SEXY song but to be honest IT IS NOT. Anyway, I like it a lot.  Its girly and lovely.

53. Dr. Feel Good – Rania

Everybody was so hard on them, dont really get why people have to be so mean. The song is awesome, they CAN sing and the choreography just goes with it.

52. That Woman – Secret Garden OST

I loved every time they passed this song in the drama. Is quite an emotional song, I am destined to suffer every time I hear it. O.O

51. Trouble Maker – Hyunah & Hyunseung

Trouble maker brought sexy back, the song is surprisingly good and the combination of voices does the trick. I do not digest the choreography (much unnecessary touching)  but all and all Hyunah and Hyunseung deliver well.  Its something new and I hope for more female/male collaborations.

50. Intuition – CNBlue

I have this feeling, CNBlue songs sound alike. Leaving that behind I must confess that there was a time when my ipod played Intuition  and I let it be (you must know I am a compulsive “next song” button presser), I had a short but meaningful relationship with this song, thats why its here.

49. Do you know? – Brave Girls

One of the best debut songs I’ve heard this year. Soft but with so much power.

48. So Cool – Sistar

I expected a little more from Sistar, but end up having fun with the song. It has a nice  sound and is true to their style.  They look so sexy and MOTHER OF GOD…This year I felt for Hyorin. Her voice  is one of the most powerful out there. I hope all the best for this group, they deserved it.

47. Break Down – Kim Hyun Joong

Its so weird watching my lovely KHJ acting like that! hahaha. I am sorry but I dont buy it, I want to see him with a bouquet of roses on a white horse. But since the song was everywhere of course it got to me, all of the sudden I knew every part of it. A great start for my future third husband.

46. Don’t say Goodbye – Davichi

I did not see the video until they began to win prizes.  I think that if I had seen the video since the beginning would have found the song a little disturbing hahaha but it was not the case. I find it ADORABLE. Great vocals and good looks…a killer combination.

45. What Can I Do – Seungri (V.I.)

This sounds like an american song…you know… a clubbing sound. It fits Seungri so much so much so much. I just love it!

44. Like this or like that – 5Dolls

I have the feeling of having heard this song before. So lets face the true, the stage outfits weren’t that great (I am sorry Hyomin) all that oil made it look kind of trashy. The MV is regular, give of take. But the song and the choreo were just great. It reminds on my “favorite kpop” playlist.

43. My My – Apink

I did not care about Apink until they released MY MY. The song brings me to the 90s and is so enjoyable. Eunji is so talented I could cry hoho.

42. Love is Move – Secret

My girls were so overshadow by SNSD, this comeback deserved at least one weekly award COME ON!!! the sound is catchy, the MV is good, the girls look healthy…They were back to the sexy concept that made them famous and I loved it. What a great year they had, all of their releases were gold. 2011 was SECRET TIME!

41. Don’t Spray Perfume – Teen Top

I felt weird about Teen Top because they are so much younger than me, WELL NO MORE. This song took the awkwardness away. The chorus is so freaking GOOD. Another group that deserved at least one award.

40. BTD – Infinite

What was I saying about deserving at least one award? BTD deserved them all!!!!! Its a killer comeback, everything was perfect: melody+lyrics+choreography+MV+live performances+hot guys. What went wrong? This song made look at Infinite with other eyes.

39. Beautiful Target – B1A4

My fav rookie boy band… my fav song from them. They ZOOM ZOOM my heart like a rocket …true story. I spazz out when Baro starts rapping…and the free style part gets me moving along every time.

38. Hello – Huh Gak

What a beautiful ballad!!!!! If I close my eyes and hear this song I can feel my heart fill with sadness. Just beautiful.

37. Black & White –

What a great way to start 2011. should go back to softer songs or rhythms like this, in which she can show off her voice and her dance moves.  “Black and White” fits her like a glove.

36. Shampoo – After School

This oughta be one of the most feminine tunes out there. We can see the After School from “Because of You” once again. I truly believe this style suits them as fine as the sexy style. I miss Bekah

35. Going Crazy – Song Ji Eun

Lets continue with one of the most pleasant surprises of the year.  Who would guess that Ji Eun voice would match a rap tune so well?…It kind of reminds me the Dido-Eminen duo.  I can replay this song over and over…doesnt get old. Pls listen! you wont regret it….this girl needs more credit in the kpop world….Going Crazy is the living proof she could go solo and do just fine.

34. Ma Boy – Sistar19

Ohhh ma boy ohhh ma boy lalalalalaaaa….I`m really feeling this song. They make an explosive duet …Bora is so pretty, the camera loves her! and Hyorin has one of the most amazing voices in the idol world. A MUST HAVE IN MY IPOD!

33. Stay – MBLAQ

I just wanna point out that MIR is the cutest thing I´ve ever seen, and that includes puppies and babies. I really like the album and this song work its way to my veins very fast. Ill stay…STAY FOREVER!!!!

32. Someday – Dream High OST

How I miss my dreamers!!!! I cried when Dream High ended, such a great story, fill with lovely moments, and this song portraits them.

31. High High – GD&TOP

I cant think of a hotter combination!!!……. and yeah I fell HIGH HIGH touching the sky watching these 2 perfect human beings taking over the dance floor. TOP I wanna be the mother of all your children

30. Bubble Pop! – Hyunah

OMG! Hyunah..what did you do??? I´ll tell you girl…you put yourself in NEXT LEE HYORI list. I believe all the scenes in the MV are a bit too much, like she is trying too hard. But apparently thats just me talking because the video went viral O.o Nevertheless if someone can pull off that kind of concept its Huynah! It would be disgraceful for others hahaha. What a catchy and fun song this is… right for summer time…bubble bubble bubble POP!

29. You and I – IU

IU songs have a magic touch. Its like they come straight out of a fairy tale… so lovely. “You and I” is no exception, the song is magical from beginning to end. Just listen to it and go like AAAWWWW!!!

28. Me, in – Wonder Girls

Hey beautiful boy, let me love you…RIGHT NOW!!!!!  This is my fav song from the Wonder World album FOR SURE!!!… It has everything: is catchy, great vocals, refreshing sound, insane chorus, etc. Too bad they didnt promote this song =(

27. Paradise – Infinite

I dont understand why they didnt have a dance MV for this song…for me it was the  BEST HIP THRUST DANCE of the year! … Best repackage also. I cant get and I dont want to get enough of this song…Sunggyu singing takes my breath away.

26. Hot Summer – f(x)

A feeling in the air aaaiir lalala ….. Hot hot summer!!!…. Is it too obvious I am totally in love with f(x)???…….  Yeah it was a remake…so what? The MV is so colorful, they all look pretty, the song wont ever leave your head and the performances were flawless.   I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!! I WANT YOU BACK!!!!

To see the top 25 go click here 

Please keep in mind that this is based on my taste in music. I know many of the songs did better or worse in the course of the year, but I this is ME 😀

Feel free to share your mind but pls dont be a hater… 

I dont own the vids

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