My fav 2011´s ROOKIES

Once again I failed trying to make a top10… so here it is my top18 😀

Its based on the songs that made it to my Ipod at least for a whole week (I change my playlists a lot).  With pics so you can recognise their faces haha.

18. X-5

I cant find something special in this song, but I like it…thats enough for me!

17. HITT

Pretty amazing debut song here!!!!…for some reason they dont feel like rookies to me haha.

16. AA

Just because there is a guy named Kimchi in the group! hahaha..well not. The song is actually good!

15. Chocolat

What can I say? The song is really catchy…like A LOT O.o

The choreography is nice and they are no as annoying as I first thought.

14. M.I.B.

Girls, dreams, money…it sounds good to me!….Bring it on!!!

13. N-Train

A refreshing sound, beautiful song and vocals!

12. Ulala Session

Since I dont watch “Super Star K” I dindt knew about them till I read something about one of me members being sick with cancer. Witch is awful and I hope for a fast recovery. I must say they blow my mind with their performance at the MAMA awards. It impossible not to like them!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. Dal Shabet

SUPA SUPA DIVAaaaa lalala…. I hated this song the first time I listened to it..haha..but later it got into my system and I end up actually liking it. Cant say the same for Pink Rocket or Bling Bling :/


“You got a message” heeey heeey … the first time I listened to this song I loved it.

9. Stellar

A lot of people hates this song, I can see why but I dont care. I like it and I think its sounds different!  The stages were fun to watch 😀 #HATERSGONNAHATE

8. Boyfriend

This guys were to sweet for my taste, still are…dont get me wrong, I am 26 so is hard to watch teens singing about love hahaha. But I think they deserve to be on this list because of the huge fanbase they already have and the fact the no one can deny they are one of the best rookies of 2011 … cant wait for this guys to man up a little, so I dont feel so guilty watching their MVs hahaha.


Don’t touch my girl

7. Bang&Zelo

Just whenI thought they were gonna drop a heavy Hip Hop sound for this song I was happily surprised with an encouraging school anthem… and you know…I felt for it. This two have no wrongs in my book. Alreaky looking forward for their official debut.

6. Block B

Ohhh this guys are fun to watch or what???? LOVE THEM!!!! And Zico WHY Y SO MUCH SWAG?

Wanna B


5. Brave Girls

“Do you know?” is a very fav of mine since the beginning….I love it! Their voices sound very nice and their performances were clean and worth watching. I did like “easily” but I has nothing to do next to this song:

4. Rania

I love their strong debut song!!! They were my fav rookies until “Pop Pop Pop” …I dont hate the song, but I do hate the choreo. Anyway…. DR. FEEL GOOD is one o f my fav songs of the year 😀

3. Huh Gak

I feel so many emotions every time I listen to “Hello”….dont you? This man voice feels like velvet to my ears.

2. B1A4

This kids are so lovely…and Baro OMG…I feel so bad about being like this over a kid! hahaha…..I love “beautiful target”!!! SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH!!!!


Beautiful Target

1. Apink

So I felt under the Apink spell…..I wanst crazy about this so called “new snsd” but they got me with MY MY. Like everybody aknowledge it sounds like 90s Kpop! And the girls look adorable without actually wanting to punch them (like I want to punch others)

I Don’t Know


I would love to mention the rookies that didnt make it to my ipod, but at least they are in my itunes..Touch, Chi chi, Taken, C-Real

PLS READ: This is MY CHART…You might have another order…this is mine! I know some groups have achieved more than others, but I am only taking into consideration what I like. If you live any other singer/group that is not on this list, feel free t introduce me to them.

I dont own pics or vids

3 comments on “My fav 2011´s ROOKIES

  1. on my list, B1A4 is number 1. out of all the current Kpop groups, actually. XD

    my first fave Kpop group was BigBang, which UKiss overtook a year or two later, then here comes B1A4, and they skyrocketed. they’re my number 1, and no one can replace them. :))

    my B1A4 bias is Sandeul, btw, XD

  2. APink! ❤ I watched their debut video "I Don't Know" because of GiKwang and Eunji already caught my eye (I didn't know who she was at that time) then got to listen to My My without seeing the video yet. I stopped because my internet connection was slow and BIGBANG was my number one priority, then I watched Reply 1997 because of Seo In Guk and was surprised to see Eunji there, and now I'm a Pink Panda and Eunji is my bias. ❤ :3

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