My fav 2011´s ROOKIES

Once again I failed trying to make a top10… so here it is my top18 😀

Its based on the songs that made it to my Ipod at least for a whole week (I change my playlists a lot).  With pics so you can recognise their faces haha.

18. X-5

I cant find something special in this song, but I like it…thats enough for me!

17. HITT

Pretty amazing debut song here!!!!…for some reason they dont feel like rookies to me haha.

16. AA

Just because there is a guy named Kimchi in the group! hahaha..well not. The song is actually good!

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Merry Christmas Kpop LOVERS!!!!

My ranking of K-POP CHRISTMAS SONGS!!! 20. Shooting Star – Star Empire Cuteness all over the place 19. Snowy Wish – SNSD Not sure if it is a christmas song but it reminds me of it. So here it is. 18. … Continue reading

OPPA HAS ARRIVED – Donghae and Eunhyuk

A MUST WATCH for all of your ELFs out there

I admit I wasnt really specting to like this much this release! BUT I DO!!!

Its such a funny song!!! And they look like they are having a blast performing it


Here is the MV

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Trouble Maker MV is out!!!

The new Cube Entertainment sub unit ….. TROUBLE MAKER…conformed by 4minute’s Hyuna and BEAST’s Hyunseung…reveal the MV for their title track with the same name!

Can you say catchy whisle ????????

I am loving this pairing ❤

Check it out:

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