After School – BANG japanese version

I know this a kpop blog, but this deserves my attention….the long awaited japanese debut of After School.

I am loving the drumming at the beginning and the fact that they all look gorgeous! I like it better than the original I think.

But I miss Bekah…that rap part was somehow missing something.

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MISS A – Good-Bye Baby

So who didnt feel like murdering that annoying ex boyfriend???

Well the girls from Miss A are back …. and they are all about LETTING GO those bad men that did nothing but hurt!!!

Check out their last MV

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My fav kpop songs – first half of 2011

This is an update of my last 2011 top10 (made in may)…this is the real deal!….and well, there are 20 songs because I tried to make a top10 and failed.

20. Ma Boy – SISTAR19

Ohhh ma boy ohhh ma boy lalalalalaaaa….I`m really feeling this song. They make an explosive duet …Bora is so pretty, the camera loves her! and Hyorin has one of the most amazing voices in the idol world. A MUST HAVE IN MY IPOD!

19. Shampoo – After School

This oughta be one of the most femenine tunes out there. We can see the After School from “Because of You” once again. I truly believe this style suits them as fine as the sexy style. I am gonna miss Bekah

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f(x) Goodbye Stage + Special Stage with SHINee


SPECIAL STAGE – Performing HELLO with SHINee

It was so lovely!!!!  BTW only  Key, Minho and Taemin….nevertheless… was awesome!

GOODBYE STAGE – Performing Pinocchio (Danger) + Hot Summer

I am so sad right now….gotta wait until next year to see them promoting again…..You did so well girls!…Ill miss you 😀