Rania – Dr. Feel Good

My favorite rookie of this year (boy or girl)….so far.

The members are: Riko (leader), Semi, T-ae, Jooyi, Di, Joy, and Xia. Joy is from Thailand, and Riko is a Korean-Japanese. There is an 8th member Lee Jo but since I havent see her perform yet. Ill leave it here. If you have a twitter account follow them, ´cause the girls are very active in the social network.


Poweful choreography and great vocals. Plus the girls are pretty and fit.

I know there has being a lot of noise because of the sexyness of the clothing and the dance steps, but HONESTLY people, we need to see beyond that. Dont we fans from other places in the world (Im from Perú) would love if Kpop was more international. Well this girls can appeal many types of audiences, because they come strong and after that you see that they have talent…the girls actually sing well!!!! And the song is catchy as hell, without childish lyrics or gestures, a DAEBAK in any part of the world.

What I like the most about girl groups in Kpop are clean choreographies and powerful/energetic performances, and Rania does the job. Thats why I´ll be watching them close and see what else they bring to the table. I believe it´ll be worthit.



Can you say HOT?


M! Countdown – Apr 7th

Music Bank – Apr 8th

Inkigayo – Apr 17th

Music Core – Apr 23rd


Different outfits and changes in choreography ´cause the spread leg dance got banned by KBS. Nevertheless….same strength.

Music Bank – Apr 29th

Music Bank – May 6th

Inkigayo – May 15th

I love this performance…with the strong vocals at the beginning.

Music Bank – May 20th

Hope you like this post. Remember THIS IS ME SPEAKING MY MIND. So you can have a different opinion, just dont be hateful.

I dont own videos, gifs or pics. (Most of the gifs are from 8raniagirls )


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