My Fav kpop girl groups


10. Kara

Fav song: Lupin / Bias: Nicole

9. T-ara

Fav song: Like the beginning / Bias: Hyomin

8. 4Minute

Fav song: Hot Issue / Bias: HyunA

7. Miss A

Fav song: Breathe / Bias: Min



6. Wonder Girls

Fav song: Nobody (duuuuh) / Bias: Ye-Eun

5. Rainbow

Fav song: A / Bias: WooRi


Fav song: Genie / Bias: Seohyun

3. 2NE1

Fav song: Fire / Bias: Dara



2. Secret

Fav song: Shy Boy / Bias: Ji Eun

1. f(x)

Fav song: NU ABO / Bias: Victoria

I would love to mention After School and Rania

PLS READ: This is MY CHART…You might have another order…this is mine! I know some groups have achieved more than others, but I am only taking into consideration what I like.

I DONT OWN THE GIFS…thats why they are all copied from their original URL and not upload as mine 😀

5 comments on “My Fav kpop girl groups

  1. Totally agree on number one!!!!!
    i would’ve put 4 minute in second place but still love your chart!! ❤

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    the effort?
    Bookmarked your website, I have to keep up with your posts

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