My fav SME songs….SO FAR


I wanned to make a top10 but I failed, then I tried to make a top15 but I just couldnt.

20. Let`s go on a trip – SM TOWN

Every SME countdown should have at least one these summer/winter singles. And this is my very fav!

19. Rising Sun – TVXQ

All around my top20 you`ll find a lot of this 5 super talented guys!… my fav boyband of all times! The way Changmin screams through the song is crazy and ridiculously good at he same time. ….Waiting for the rising sun!!!!!!

18. It has to be you – Yesung (Super Junior)

I had to be you my dear Yesung…only you could be the owner of such a wonderful voice and give us this tearjerker song. Thats why you are my BIAS!

17. Eusha Eusha – Shinhwa

I feel so happy everytime I listen Eusha Eusha….want to wave my arms in the air hahaha. A song that every kpop lover should have in their music player.

16. Nº1 – BoA

BoA is the Nº1 for sure! A living legend of kpop…and this song is FREAKING GOOD!

15. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior

Raise your hand if you think the all look HOT as hell in this MV.  I would forgive anything if they came dancing to “sorry sorry sorry” WORD!… One of the most catchy songs I`ve ever heard!

14. Replay  –  SHINee

I convince myself I wouldnt be a fan of SHINee because they were 2 young for me (Im 25), BUT Replay was the perfect debut song to melt the heart of this “noona”. I used to fantasize about this kids singing to me “noona you are so pretty” NOT KIDDING HERE. Besides, they are so talented, their voices sound perfect together. Another success for SME….I need a replay replay replay!

13. Miracle – Super Junior

Life couldnt get better lalala…well It did with sing lovely pop master piece. I ❤ SUJU

12. Show me your love – TVXQ & Super Junior

What a sweet time! …… OH YES they were sweet indeed. Perfect winter season tune, featuring two of he most accomplished boybands of Korea. Be careful! the cuteness might overload your system.

11. O – TVXQ

They were like a force of nature: unstoppable!… And the O single proves me right! The song had it all…great sound, powerful choreography, good lyrics, etc etc etc. No one can call themself a fan of TVXQ if they didnt like O!

10. Valenti – BoA

A SME chart wouldnt make sense without BoA. The ultimate  IT girl of KPOP! and Jpop. I would love to dance like her. Actually I’ve tried for this video’s dance moves, but I end up being awkward. Best of Asia indeed!

9. Gee – SNSD

My angel, and my girls, my sunshine LETS GO!…..The lyrics may be childish but damn! this is a great song. And once again they all look pretty and perform a perfect choreography.  Cant get over the colors, facial expressions and the GEE GEE GEE GEE GEE!!!!

8. NU ABO – f(x)

The fact that f(x) is my fav girl group has nothing to do with its position, oh well maybe it does….but  it is impossible not to like this song. Such a great upbeat, anybody into kpop or dance music would listen to the first 10 seconds and already like it……UNNIiiiiii…… and also you can tell the girls have fun when they perform, thats something to love about them!….Pure love f(x)

7. I`m your girl – S.E.S.

The 90s wouldnt have been the same without S.E.S. …the original girl group…and this wonderful song!… If you are fan of SNSD, f(x), Wonder Girls, T-ara, Kara, Secret, BEG, 4Minute, AE, etc etc etc… you should listen to the group they all used to like!

6. U – Super Junior

Dont you just die to see them all together again? I remember when they were promoting this song. I seriously believe my heart was ovaries were  gonna explode.`Cause I cant stop thinking about you boys!!!!!…

5. Perfect Man – Shinhwa

The idols of the current idols. The top star of all time: Shinhwa… only them could be the Perfect Men. Pls listen to this song, you wont regret it! is one of my fav kpop tunes ever!

4. Tonight – TVXQ

To think that they wont sing Tonight again brings pain to my heart… SERIOUSLY. I´ve never heard such a great combination of voices in a ballad….they stole my soul, my heart, etc… pls get back together so you can sing this song again ONE MORE TIME. Cant help to get emotional,  this is what SINGING A LOVE SONG is all about. Besides, my Chagmin looks perfect.

3. Candy – H.O.T.

If you like kpop this song is a MUST. While listening you`ll think it sounds familiar, you will smile and move along with it….and when it ends you will play it again!…The sweetest song on earth, from the original idols H.O.T.  _ pls dont care 2 much about the video, remember it was 1996!

2. Genie – SNSD

The second most played song of my itunes. Even tought I dont like (I hate) the fact that these girls are too perfect, a person cant help to like every song they release. They are all so catchy and the choreographies are amazing, this song proves my point… I actually tried to do the “leg dance” more than once haha. The lyrics are GREAT, the dance steps are AWESOME, the girls look FLAWLESS…This is a song that will never leave your head, no matter how much you try…you´ll end up humming I am genie for you boy lalalalala

1.  Hug – TVXQ

They gave me no chance….as soon as the song started I knew I was becoming a priest of  the Gods of the East. I listened to HUG without a break for days back then, and even now I still like to play it at least once a week (it is the N1 most played song on my itunes).  The lyrics are so sweet (maybe too sweet) , they look so young and pure, is the perfect boyband song of all times for me.

Also…I Strongly recommend: Happiness by H.O.T. ,  TOP  by Shinhwa, My little princess by TVXQ, Persona by Kangta, If by Taeyeon,  The one I love by Super Junior K.R.Y.

Pls consider these are my thoughts MY TASTE IN MUSIC….you can disagree with them OF COURSE!!!!…but if you are gonna be hateful, I would rather you to disagree outside my blog!

Thanks for reading 😀

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