My fav kpop songs of 2011 …SO FAR


TO watch mi final ranking of the first half of 2011…click here!

10. Ma Boy – SISTAR19

Ohhh ma boy ohhh ma boy lalalalalaaaa….I`m really feeling this song. They make an explosive duet A MUST HAVE IN MY IPOD for sure!

9. Beautiful Goodbye – f(x)

This is my fav song of the album. I dont know why but It makes me remember an old spice girls´s song. Listen to it everyday to lift up my mood.

8. Someday (Dream High OST) – IU

How I miss my dreamers!!!! I cried when Dream High end, such a great story, fill with lovely moments, like this song.

7. High High – GD&TOP

I cant think of a hotter combination!!!……. and yeah I fell HIGH HIGH touching the sky watching these 2 perfect human beings taking over the dance floor. TOP I wanna be the mother of all your children

6. Dr. Feel Good – Rania

Everbody was so hard on them, dont really get why people have to be so mean. The song is awesome, they CAN sing and the choreography just goes with it. Definitely my fav new artist of this year, so far.

5. Keep your head down – TVXQ

I dont care if the sing the happy birthday song, they will always be on my top5. The dance is great and the song is catchy.

4. Pinocchio/Danger – f(x)

I am in love with f(x) especially victoria  , and I´m so happy they are back…I missed my fav girl group so much!…this song took its time to get into my head but It did at the end….DANGER!!!!

3. To me – Rainbow

I´m crazy about the purses they used in the MV, also the dance steps when they say “come come come come to me”, must say how much I dig those flying long hairs… Now I can finally said that I like Rainbow

2. Stay – MBLAQ

I just wanna point out that MIR is the cutest thing I´ve ever seen, and that includes puppies and babies. I really like the album and this song work its way to my veins very fast. Ill stay…STAY FOREVER!!!!

1. Shy Boy – SECRET

Shy shy shy boy…oh oh oh my boy!!!! ……At first I was in shock when I saw the powerful SECRET girls singing this song, but I couldnt help to love it…so sweet, without being cheesy (at least for me it isnt).

Also would LOVE to mention: Mirror mirror by 4MINUTE, Cherish that person by Yoseob, Do you know by Brave Girls and V.I.P. by Seungri.

Pls consider this is MY opinion…if you dont agree it is probably because WE ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON! 😀

3 comments on “My fav kpop songs of 2011 …SO FAR

  1. Wow, we have the same taste in K-Pop songs and artists/groups. The songs here are some of the best released so far this year. And I’m kind of predicting that more awesome songs are in store for us.

    By the way, I got here because I track f(x) on Tumblr then I saw one your post on the Top 10 SM songs. That’s a great list as well.

    • Thank u so much!…
      I saw U like mi tumblr post!…thanks again!
      follow u 4 sure
      F(X) is my fav girl group! so They will always be on my charts ;D
      take care!

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