Bi Rain…walking sex crime!

So today wondering around youtube I dedided to finally watch Rain´s video “love song”. Dind´t do it before ´cause Im a huge fan of his abs…but not so much his music…I like it but Im into the boy band thing, not the solo performance.

I watched the video….more an more exciting…and then minute 3:12 came…

There was silent for a moment….follow by a loud scream “aaaaahhhhhhh”………WHY WHY WHY I HAVEN´T SEEN THIS BEFORE??????????  Its the sexiest music video I´ve ever seen….LO JURO!!!

Just couldn´t stay still after minute 3:12 ….I had to scream, cross my legs, pull my hair, even cry!!!!!!

Be careful girls, this is not what normal guys do while singing a ballad….BUT IT SHOULD BE!!!!!! SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE A LAW ABOUT THIS!!!!

From now on I dont wanna listen to any love song without a hot asian guys waving his abs like there was no 2morrow while saying “come back, I love you”

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